Routine Car Check-Ups will Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Why wouldn't you want to get your car in for maintenance? This is a great question. Every car endures wear and tear throughout the year, and that only gets worse if you avoid routinely bringing your vehicle in for service. Many things can happen out on the local Sterling roads. Tires can go low or pop, your battery might be going dead, your vehicle's radiator might need to be flushed, an air filter might need to be changed, or your spark plugs could be bad.

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Identifying the Signs that Your Car Battery Could be About to Fail

When you are in the position to be able to spot potential trouble with your car battery, then you can avoid situations where you might end up stuck somewhere in need of a tow or a jump. As the local Sterling, CO solution for reliable service, our team at Korf Motors is here to make your vehicle last as long as possible. Therefore, it's important to consider these failing car battery warnings signs before your next drive:

  • The car battery is swollen and there is a strange smell coming from the battery compartment.
  • The headlights on the car are…
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How Often Should You Have Your Brakes Checked?

The primary responsibility of any vehicle owner is to maintain that piece of machinery. The benefit of doing so is not only felt by the person driving the car, but it also ensures a safer environment for others on the road. For instance, when the brakes are faulty, it is difficult to rely on them to stop the vehicle quick enough to prevent a collision or some other unfortunate accident.

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End summer on a high note with the Ford Escape

Can you believe the summer of 2017 is already drawing to a close? We're quite shocked here at Korf Motors, it seems to have flown by! If you're looking to enjoy a few more precious moments in the gorgeous summer weather, then upgrade your ride to the 2017 Ford Escape.

The Ford Escape is always prepared to deliver a smooth, steady ride to endless summer destinations. You'll…

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